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Historical Information

We have moved from the Systers Open Source community. Below is a history of our involvement.


Our projects focus on impacting users and communities by improving their lives with technology. We use various development languages and technologies, while encouraging our contributors to learn new skills and solve new challenges. We host all of our code on GitHub, where contributors can publish and store their code, connect with other open source communities, and learn version control with Git. Github tracks your personal contributions, so you can share them as part of your portfolio.

Peace Corps Projects

The Peace Corps has had nearly 220,000 volunteers (PCVs) in 151 countries around the world since its creation in 1961. Great technology projects are started for the Peace Corps, usually at codeathons, but they are rarely complete enough to deploy to the PCVs. Systers takes on these projects, completes them, then works with Peace Corps administrators to test and deploy in the field.

Please note that these projects have been archived until AnitaB.org finds new contacts within the Peace Corps to finish and test them in the field.

PeaceTrack Android PeaceTrack iOS
Malaria Prevention Android Malaria Prevention iOS
Mobile App Control Center (Python w/Django) CrowdMap
Photo Language Translation (Ruby on Rails) Crowdsourcing for Guyana Deaf Community
PCSA Office of Victim Advocacy

Systers Projects

Systers has very specific needs with managing volunteers. We have the Volunteer Management System and Systers Portal to help Systers and volunteers to make an engaged connection. We also maintain the Systers GNU Mailman and apply our customized features to the latest release. Our customized version, is very complex and has a high difficulty level for developers. We’re also working on a new project to help manage our community's meetups.

Volunteer Management System (Python w/Django) Systers Portal(Python w/Django)
Automated Testing (Selenium using Java & Python) Meetup Features for Portal
Systers Features for Mailman 3 PowerUp


Systers participates in several Open Source Programs, including Google Summer of Code, Outreachy, and various codeathons to encourage new people to contribute to our projects and become part of our community.

Google Summer of Code

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2010 2009

Outreachy (winter rounds only)



GCI Anita's Moonshot EmpowHERment Summit