Member Levels

We encourage everyone to contribute to Systers’ Open Source Community! We have a variety of positions available depending on how much time and effort you contribute.


Newcomers are very new to the community. All Newcomers need to complete their profile within 30 days of joining Systers Open Source Slack or they will be removed.

Required Fields:

Banned Fields

Good ExampleBad Example
Good profile exampleGood profile exampleBad profile example, includes phone numberBad profile, missing data



Contributors have submitted at least 4 Pull Requests (with 2 having been reviewed) and have completed all Newcomer requirements.



Improvers have been continuously involved on Slack and Github (contributing or reviewing at least 3 PRs a month) for at least 3 months.



Maintainers are chosen by invitation only and must know the codebase for the repository they are assigned to. They have been continuously involved on Slack and Github (contributing or reviewing at least 3 PRs a month) for at least 6 months.



Committers are chosen by invitation only and act as project managers (i.e. FirstAide Android, iOS, and web). They manage issues for all a project's repos, to ensure continuity across platforms.


Organizational Admin

Organizational Admin act as quality control for the community. Instead of focusing on a specific repository, they focus on overarching decisions that affect our Github and Slack processes, and our OSS programs. They set deliverable dates and project timelines.

Organizational Admin have final approval on all matters, including member status.

Other Participation Options

These are ways to participate in addition to the levels listed above. Some are less focused on coding and GitHub contributions.


Mentors volunteer their time to assist contributors in the various programs Systers participates in. People are more likely to be chosen as a mentor if they at least meet the Improver requirements.


Welcome Committee

Welcome Committee Members have been active regularly on Slack for at least 3 months, but being active on GitHub isn’t required. Members are in charge of ensuring that every newcomer to Slack feels welcome and that they are aware of the community guidelines. Contact the Chair once you've fulfilled the requirements.

Members at this level are added to: @welcome-members Slack group.


Welcome Committee Chairs

Chairs have previously served on the Welcome Committee. They coordinate the committee members to ensure that someone is always available on Slack.